Who we are

About Hazelight

We challenge the way games are experienced.

Push creativity further

It is our core belief that games have only yet scratched the surface of what's possible. The way games are played, how their stories are told and how they are experienced either alone or with others - our mission is to push the boundaries of what's possible. We're in this business to challenge old conventions and blow people's minds away with our games.

Hazelight beginnings

Hazelight was founded by Josef Fares, experienced Swedish film director and creator of the award winning game Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. Together with the core development team behind Brothers, in late 2014 Hazelight started it's journey. From 2015 to 2018 the team developed A Way Out, the first ever co-op only third person action-adventure. The studio have grown over the years, both in team members and in passion for making the kind of games that has never been seen before.

Moving forward

We worked hard to make our upcoming game,
It Takes Two, something truly unique and engaging for all the players out there.
At the studio we continue to nurture and protect our close-knit team spirit, the Hazelight way of working where anyone is approachable and we come up with creative solutions together. At Hazelight it’s very important that we are able to develop the games we are passionate about in the specific way we want to make them.
Stay in touch for updates about our new ongoing project.

Studio facts

  • Team Size


    Pushing the creative boundaries requires creative people. The Hazelight team has the best of them.

  • Mocap studios


    Yes we have our own in-house, fully equipped and state of the art motion capture studio.

  • Nationalities


    People from all over the world have found a creative home at Hazelight.

  • Office Seafront View


    Calming water. Boats. View of Stockholm City Hall and Kungsholmen skyline.
    We got it.


  • Bafta - Best Multiplayer A Way Out 2019
  • NAVGTR Awards - Best Original Action Game A Way Out 2019
  • NGA 2019 - Nordic Game of the Year A Way Out 2019
  • NGA 2019 - Best Game Design A Way Out 2019
  • Bafta - Best Game Innovation Brothers 2013
  • VGX - Best Xbox Game Brothers 2013
  • D.I.C.E. Awards - Downloadable GotY Brothers 2013