Josef Fares

Movies are a great way of telling a story, but the potential of interactive storytelling through games is even greater.

As a Swedish filmmaker, Josef has made 5 feature length movies and received several awards and prizes both as writer and director. In 2011 Josef decided to move into the world of games development and he directed his first game, Brothers — A Tale of Two Sons, for Starbreeze Studios. The game went on to win over 50 awards including D.I.C.E. and BAFTA.

To me it's all about inspiring people, not only with the games themselves, but also by how we create games together as a team.

Claes Engdal, Art Director

Working with animation has never been as exciting as with this team of talented individuals. With the new technology and improved pipelines we are prepared to take on new creative challenges!

Emil Claeson, Lead Animator

Making Josef's crazy ideas work.
One day at a time.

Anders Olsson, Lead Programmer

Working right next to the best programmers and artists in the industry, with no barriers in between. What more can a level designer desire?

Filip Coulianos, Lead Level Designer