A Way Out

There were no true split-screen co-op only story based action-adventure games out there, so we went ahead and made A Way Out for all the co-op lovers like ourselves.

  • Genre

    Split-Screen Co-Op Action Adventure

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  • Platform

    PS4, Xbox One, PC

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Cinematic and emotional co-op

Grab a friend and together step into the shoes of Leo and Vincent. You find yourselves locked up in a maximum security prison and are forced to work towards your common goal - escape. Once you’re on the outside, stick together on a personal journey to exact revenge on the man who put you both behind bars in the first place.

A Way Out is a cinematic split-screen co-op adventure unlike anything and designed from the ground up to be played with a friend, either together on your couch or online. Get ready to chase, sneak, shoot, paddle, drive … basketball, rob, four-in-a-row and skydive through the most engaging co-op gaming experience yet.

As a kid I always dreamt of being able to create unique characters and games that I myself would want to play. Working on A Way Out made me realize I can do both.

Jacob Larsson, Lead Character Artist

A Way Out was like a screaming, crying baby that just didn't want to eat. But in the end, it's still your baby and you love it with all of your heart.

Andreas Tykosson, Senior Programmer

When I became a developer, people warned me that the first game I worked on would not be a game I would enjoy playing myself. I’m glad they were wrong.

Simon Lindberg Amanou, Environment Artist


  • BAFTA Best Multiplayer 2019
  • NAVGTR Awards Best Original Action 2019
  • Nordic Game Awards Nordic Game of the Year 2019
  • Nordic Game Awards Best Design 2019